Schematic Design Phase


Q: Has a decision been made about the site selection?
A: Yes, The School Building Committee has selected the existing School site as the preferred option.
Q: What are the costs?
A: The following costs are preliminary estimates.
The current estimates are for a total project cost of approximately $48 million. The estimated Town share of the project costs is approximately $33.4 million.
Q: What will the MSBA cover for project costs??
A: The MSBA has approved a project reimbursement rate of 41.26% of all eligible costs. Costs related to site development have a limited reimbursement. Building costs in excess of $326/SF will not be reimbursed. Additional project costs not related to the site or building construction (e.g. temporary classrooms/modulars) are not eligible for reimbursement. The team currently projects that about $15 million of the total project cost will be reimbursed by the State.
Q: Do the estimates include costs for infrastructure improvement or development for each option?
A: Current estimates assume infrastructure improvement on the current site. More detailed cost estimates will be developed.
Q: Have the current and future maintenance & operation costs been considered for each option?
A: The SBC is required by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to prepare a projection of anticipated maintenance and operations costs. These are factors that have been considered for both the site selection and the building design. A proposed budget with projected maintenance costs was completed and submitted to the MSBA on April 28, 2017. Life cycle cost analysis is required by Massachusetts statute and will be provided with a future submission to MSBA.
Q: If the current school site is chosen, how will the students be housed during construction?
A: The approved scheme will not require temporary facilities. All students will be able to attend school in the current building during construction.
Q: What is the projected enrollment?
A: The current school population is 315 students. The MSBA’s projected enrollment is 285 students, however, the design is required to allow for expansion should the population grow in the future. The school is planned to continue to have two classrooms at each grade level, so the average class size will remain as it is.
Q: How do the students get to school (walk/bike, bus, or driven by parents)?
A: Currently, 14% walk or bike to school; 27% take the bus, 59% are driven to school by parents.
The school does not have information on the numbers and transportation choices for students leaving the school daily.
Q: What is the project schedule?
A: The project team has an anticipated project schedule with the following milestone dates:
April 2018: Town Vote for Funding of Design and Construction phase
March 2019: Start of construction
February 2021: Completion of construction