Schematic Design Phase

On August 23, 2017,  the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Board of Directors voted to move the Tisbury School project into the Schematic Design phase.

In the Schematic Design phase, the MSBA and the Tisbury School project team will look at options to replace the existing school. The first step for the project team will be to review options for placement of the new building on the current site located at 40 W. William Street, Tisbury.

Per the current schedule, the Tisbury School Building Committee (TSBC) intends to submit the Schematic Design “Cost/Budget” Submission to the MSBA on December 22, 2018 and submit the complete Schematic Design Submission on January 3, 2018. The project team is targeting a review and vote by the MSBA Board of Directors at the next available board meeting (anticipated on February 14, 2018).

The Documents page includes links to the presentations and meeting minutes. Additionally, links to image galleries and MVTV video can be found on the Photos & Video page.

The Feasibility Study

The project team began the Feasibility Study in the fall of 2016. The MSBA requires a detailed Preliminary Design Program submission which includes:

  • documentation of the existing educational program
  • an initial space summary
  • evaluation of the existing conditions
  • an overview of site development requirements
  • and a preliminary evaluation of alternatives

The Tisbury School Building Committee (TSBC) and the project team prepared detailed reports on each of the options outlined in the Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives, which included:

  • Repair of existing facilities (assessment of the base option is required in the study, but it does not meet the educational program requirements)
  • Renovation of existing facilities with new construction of an addition
  • New construction options on three potential sites